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About Me

The name is David. David McCann! My ancestors moved from Ireland to the  
States a long while ago. But I guess that you aren't interested in learning mroe  
about my family, right?

OK, what about me then? I am a programmer, and I started to play with code  
in the 90s, when I was a kid. Man, it was easy to be a good programmer back  
then, because most people were either programming in Basic or Assembly.  

The cool guys were Assembly programmers, but I wasn't one of them. Still,  
I've managed to learn C, a bit of Java, some Pascal, and these days I like to  
play with C# and a few of the most popular web programming languages.

Yes, XML is one of them, whether you like to call it a programming language  
or not! And this site is dedicated to it.
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