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Welcome to David McCann's XML Global site! I am a seasoned programmer with a love for "easy" programming languages, such as XML. I know, some of you think that XML isn't a "real" programming language, but I guess that you also put HTML into the same category, right?

Anyway, feel free to browse around, and if you like my articles there's a "Subscribe" button at the bottom of the page. I promise I won't spam you! I'll only send you an email per month or so. Actually, I'm quite busy at the moment, so you may not hear from me anytime soon...
Beginner's Guide to XML Files

I can't even imagine an online world without HTML files! And, to a certain  
degree, it would be almost impossible to build one.

However, HTML is quite limited. Sure, it works fine when it comes to basic  
web documents, but things don't work that well when people try to use it for  
things that go way beyond its capabilities. Take data exchange, for example.  
Building a data system using HTML is just like trying to build a car using soda  

Top 3 XML Editors

Lots of people use XML files! I mean, at least most web designers do that.  
And there's a solid reason for doing it: a large portion of the web uses files  
that are based on XML, be them RSS, XHTML, and so on. Here are the most  
popular, 100% free XML editors.

This is by far my favorite code editor, and I use it for XML file editing as well!  

How to Convert XML to CSV

So, you want to convert your XML file to a different format? It is definitely  
possible to code your own XML parser, but why go through all the trouble?

Most programming languages already include XML libraries that can do both  
parsing and data validation for you. I am talking about Java or C, for  
example. And many people have built programming environments that make  
use of XML syntax. Here are the most popular XML-based programming  
languages, according to Data Alliance.

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